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Double Dagger Issue 1 & 2

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“Justus Walbaum, a clergyman’s son from Steinlah, was apprenticed as a boy at the Konditorei where he learned to engrave pastry patterns into wood. Justus transferred this skill to letter-cutting and on setting up his type foundry in 1796 he began making typefounders’ matrices and tools…”

So begins issue 2 of Double Dagger whose pages, printed entirely from metal and wood type on a Heidelberg SBB Cylinder Press, are adorned with Monotype’s faithful interpretation of Justus Walbaum’s letters, in both the regular (series 374) and the bold (series 375). Number 2 arrives at an increased size of 16pp and contains articles and artwork from a mixture of some of our favourite printers, artists & writers.

All copies are packaged in envelopes that have been made from the waste sheets of the printing process - these are allocated on an entirely random basis and we will not be able to allocate a specific envelope for you.

Double Dagger, published in Autumn 2017 by Pat Randle and Nick Loaring, contains contributions from the following:

John Craig
Stanley Donwood
James Freemantle of the St James Park Press
Paul Kershaw of Grapho Editions
Thomas Mayo of Thomas Mayo & Co
Geri McCormick of Virgin Wood Type
Edwin Pickstone
Spike of The Walden Press
Kiva Stimac of Popolo Press
Mark van Wageningen of Novo Typo

Included here is one of the few remaining copies of issue one, a 12pp (360 x 510mm) broadsheet focusing on the role of letterpress in todays digital age, printed entirely from hot-metal and wood type.

Articles & contributions from:

Angie Butler / Artist & PHD Researcher
Brian Bagdonas / Stumptown Printers
Dafi Kuehne / Babyinktwice
David Armes / Red Plate Press
Gee Vaucher / Exitstencil Press
Graham Moss / Incline Press
Hannah Cousins / Printmaker & Illustrator
Lucy Jenner / Ditchling Museum of Art and Craft
Marta Dos Santos / Letterpress Printer

Published, edited & printed by the Double Daggers, Summer 2016.

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